The Pillar by Stephen Gill

The photographer set up a camera with a motion sensor, next to a pillar, somewhere in the Swedish countryside, knowing that this particular pillar was frequented by local birds. This is not your typical nature photography. Some birds pose for the camera, others don't appear to be aware of it, while some attack it. Most photographs are in black and white, but some are in color. Few are perfectly still and for someone, who watched Hitchcock's The Birds, as a child, this takes me places. Depicted are 24 species of birds and a fox. This is the 20th self published book by Stephen Gill. It includes an essay by Karl Ove Knausgard.  

◦ 10 7/8" x 8 6/8" and essay is 8 2/8" x 5 1/8"
◦ 226 Pages and paperbound essay is 12 pages

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